The Museum of non Participation is nominated for Artes Mundi 6 (2014)

January 15th: The Committee for Channel 4 Random Acts

January 8th - Feb 28th. Solo show Derin Devlet at Galeri NON Istanbul

November 26 – 5 January 2014. The Museum of Gesture, La Capella, Barcelona

October 12 – 27. 2013 Avoiding Utopias, Werkleitz Festival, Halle/Salle

November 19th 2013. The Guest of Citation performance at Performa 13 NYC

October 11th – 7 December 2013. Meeting Point: Beyond My Body. Khiasma, Paris

August 30th – 6 October 2013 quand dire, c'est faire. Articule, Montréal

Interview for Walker Arts Centre Magazine: The Museum of non Participation: The New Deal Walker Arts Centre

April-July 2013. Solo exhibition of the Museum of non Participation: The New Deal. Walker Arts Centre. USA Walker Arts Centre

6-10 November 2012. Deep State at Waterside Contemporary

Nov 6th 2012. Deep State and Hold Your Ground are shortlisted for the Jarman Award 2012

Mid October to November 2012. The Museum of non Participation performance at VIVO within the context of "Institutions by Artists The Convention", Vancouver Canada, Institutions by Artists

October 14th 2012 Institutions by Artists: Karen Mirza and Brad Butler talk
"On Collections and Collectivity" starts 34minutes into this documentation.
Watch live streaming video from fillip at

Sept - mid October 2012: New commission and residency exhibition in collaboration with the Blackwood Gallery Toronto and South Asian Visual Arts Centre SAVAC

Parallel Events Manifesta 9. Small Acts of Disobedience. A collection of performative actions, realized in response to the abuse of laws as they impact on specific local communities and spaces. Manifesta 9 presents three works loaned to the S.A.D archive by Tim Etchells, Mirza & Butler and Portland Green. S.A.D.

Selected for our project 'A Letter to the Left', Book Works : Common Objectives Spring 2013 Guest edited by Nina Power A Letter to the Left

Creative Capital Award for Direct Speech Acts 2012 Creative Capital

June 1: Right of Refusal Group Exhibition opening: Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Bassam el Baroni, Adelita Husni-Bey, Samir El Kordy, Yazan Khalili, Jean-Luc Godard, Grupa Spomenik, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Ulrike Müller/Sherif Sonbol, Olaf Nicolai, The Otolith Group, Milica Tomic, Simon Wachsmuth, and Arthur Zalewski. Right of Refusal

26/28 May. Paris Symposium: The Artist as Ethnographer, with Ariella Azoulay (Tel Aviv), Peggy Buth (Berlin), T.J. Demos (London), Clementine Deliss (Francfort), Faye Ginsburg (New York City), Jennifer Gonzalez (New York City), Joachim Koester (Berlin), Benoit de Lestoile (Paris), George Marcus (Irvine), Maureen Murphy (Paris), Karen Mirza & Brad Butler (London), Fred Wilson (New York City), Trinh T Minh Ha (San Francisco) - Panel moderator with Erik Bullot, Patricia Falguières, Giovanna Zapperi Artist as Ethnographer

24th May Talk at London Review Books: Deep State. China Miéville, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler. To coincide with their collaboration on their new film project Deep State, author China Miéville is joined in conversation by artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler. LRB

9th may Preview. Hackney Picture House, 10th May Ritzy Brixton. Deep State is a film by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler that has been scripted in collaboration with author China Miéville. The film takes its title from the Turkish term ‘Derin Devlet’, meaning ‘state within the state’. Although its existence is impossible to verify, this shadowy nexus of special interests and covert relationships is the place where real power is said to reside, and where fundamental decisions are made – decisions that often run counter to the outward impression of democracy. Deep State preview

28th April - 27th May 2012: Hold Your Ground premiere in The City in the City: Canary Wharf Station Hold your Ground

6th - 28th March 2012: An Exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery The Centre for Possible Studies

December 2011 - February 2012: Artists in residence at The Global Contemporary, Artworlds after 1989 Global Contemporary at ZKM

December 9th 2011: Museum Show at Aronolfini will be a large-scale exhibition - a museum of museums - displaying this comprehensive selection of highly idiosyncratic, semi-fictional institutions. Presented at Arnolfini in two chapters, it will be the first exhibition to chart this particular tendency in modern and contemporary art.: Museum Show Arnolfini

October 9th to November 5th 2011: waterside contemporary is pleased to announce the inaugural show in its new gallery space in Hoxton. "They don’t know why, but they keep doing it" brings together six artists whose practices reflect on the role of ideology in a post-ideological landscape. : They don’t know why, but they keep doing it

September 17th 2011: Istanbul, nowiswere and gallerie Non present: The Museum of non participation performance: Non Stage Istanbul

June 10th Tokyo 2011: Hors Pistes Tokyo and Centre Pompidou present the Exception and the Rule. Tokyo

May 28th Belgrade 2011: Misker Festival panel discussion Misker Festival Belgrade

April 4th 2011: Rethink: Idea, Output, Exchange: a three-part art project designed to coincide with the end of the current government spending review period. It is the last output from Portland Green Cultural Projects’ current ACE-funded programme of work. Rethink

Text: The Exception and the Rule. One reading in an open system by Chris Perry Chris Perry

Text: Exception, Rule and Architecture out-of-field by Marko Jobst rhizomes.21 winter 2010 Marko Jobst

Image-mouvement: Image | Event reviewed: Frieze Magazine

2nd March 2011: Talk: Direct Speech Acts; Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art Artists Talk

15th Febuary 2011 Scratch Projection: DodesKaden - collectif cinématographique: Non Places: LightCone

5th Febuary 2011. The Exception and the Rule screens as part of Hors Pistes 2011 at Centre Pompidou Hors Pistes

Dec 11-19th 2010. The Exception and the Rule screens as part of: What is to be done ? art/film/politics at Centre Pompidou Que Faire?

Nov 15th - January 2011. Karen Mirza and Brad Butler take up residence at the Townhouse Gallery Cairo

VIVID: The Daily Battle Thursday 04 - Saturday 20 Nov 2010 | KAREN MIRZA & BRAD BUTLER are occupying a column space in the UK/Urdu newspaper The Daily Jang (translated back into English as: The Daily Battle) as a temporary site of creative contemporary cultural discourse about the role of art in society. Each day of the exhibition a different cultural thinker will publish a text that is their own interpretation of this context. The Daily Jang is the Uk's largest newspaper dedicated to news between Pakistan and the UK, it is available in many newsagents across the UK and 100 copies will be delivered to VIVID each morning as the focus of an installation within the exhibition. Vivid

October 27th: The lure of the lens in art practice and research methods Cultural Heritage, Mobility and Visual Practices. Talk at Tate Britain. Lure of the lens

The Showrooms: 21st October 2010: 2010 Turner Prize nominees Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar of The Otolith Group join forces with Karen Mirza and Brad Butler from to discuss the distinguishing principles of artistic practice that features research, curation and polemic as well as film and video production. Exploring the likely future for such artist-led initiatives, this event will be chaired and hosted by curators Emily Pethick and Steven Bode. Free to Air

October 8th opening: Group Show Rome: Between the silhouette and the background. 1/9 Gallery

September 25th: The Exception and the Rule screens at Video_Dumbo: Choosing Sides.

September 4th Strategies of Participation: OK Talk – Design dialogues between Helsinki and London. Ok Talk

Mirza/Butler are shortlisted for a FLAMIN production award for a new work: Direct Speech Acts: on language as violence. FLAMIN

on the set of 1979ff: Filming a discussion with the sociologist Asef Bayat on the Iranian revolution. A collaboration with artist Sandra Schäfer. Asef Bayat

July: Article: Artists at Work: Karen Mirza and Brad Butler. interview by Gemma Sharpe for Afterall online Afterall Online

July: The Space Between at Modern Art Oxford Colour Field Frames Modern Art Oxford

June: The Exception and the Rule is the Festival Award winner First Prize at The 22nd Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival Chicago Film Festival

June 19th - 17th July: Experimental Ethnography at Tate Modern: Nowhere are the politics of image-making more debated than in contemporary anthropology. This five-week course led by Brad Butler explores the tension between the rawness of the documentary image and the impossibility of anthropological 'truth'.
Experimental Ethnography

June 2010 The Voyage of Non Such by Karen Mirza and Ruth Beale opens at the Whitstable Biennale. This new commission was filmed in and concerns maritime and film archives. The Voyage of Non Such

June 2010 New Sixpenny commissioned by Ruth Beale in response to a series of 1939 Hogarth Press pamphlets held in her Pamphlet Library. New Sixpenny Pamphlets

May 2010 Art Monthly Profile & Front cover on Karen Mirza and Brad Butler. Article by Maxa Zoller Art Monthly (336)

May 5th, Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart 2010, The Space Between shows in the Animated Architecture programme curated by Cornelia and Holger Lund Animated Architecture

May/June 2010 The Free Cinema School returns in residence at the Serpentine Gallery's Centre for Possible Studies with an invitation into a contemporary practice based experiment in film pedagogy Free Cinema School II

May 2010 Disturbances Pre Planned from the Museum of non Participation is installed with Waterside Project Space at the Vienna Art Fair Europe’s only international trade fair for contemporary art focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. Vienna Art Fair

April 27th: The Exception and the Rule screens in Osnabruek. The Emperor's New Clothes: Clothes make the man. They follow the dictates of fashion and the fashion of dictators. The movie camera observes and brings to light the naked reality of political power.
The Emperor's New Clothes

April 15 2010 Filmarmalade Presents The Exception and the Rule and Where a Straight Line Meets a Curve at IMT Gallery. Followed by a round table discussion with Andrew Fisher (associate editor of the journal Philosophy of Photography), Eyal Weizman (Director of the Centre of Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University) and Gordon Shrigley (Filmarmalade) IMT Gallery

April 11 2010 6pm : Performance intervention All that Remains... the Teenagers of Socialism at Waterside Project Space What will the next revolution look like?

April 8 2010 Talk / Response to John Smith's Hotel Diaries with filmmaker Eyal Sivan. Followed by a discussion chaired by Yesomi Umolu Hotel Diaries

April 2 2010: Screening of Mirza/Butler works: Les Seances du collectif Jeune Cinema: Carte blanche à la revue Dérives: le travail du document Collectif Jeune Cinema

March Art Review Issue 39: The Future NOW Greats: What artists are interested in today The Future NOW Greats:

March 2010 Performance and screening at Courtisane Festival, Gent, Surface Tension, An evening on ... Friction

March 2010, Doha, Art Dubai: Discussion, 'Institution As Moment' is a continuation of the Global Art Forum’s exploration of ‘crucial moments’, gathering representatives from various international projects which test the definition and boundaries of the word ‘institution’. Chairperson is Anton Vidokle, artist and founder of e-flux. He is joined by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler from The Museum of Non Participation in London, Janna Graham and Amal Khalaf from The Centre for Possible Studies at London's Serpentine Gallery and Khalil Rabah, creator of The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind. Global Art Forum pdf

March 2010 Performance at Casa Encendida, Madrid
Play. Festival de cine en directo

Feb 2010 SCREENING IN GENERAL#15 Images I wish I had filmed but couldn’t - The screening is a live-production with a set of components performed at General Public, Berlin
General Public, Berlin

The Space Between plays in the Bricks and Mortar programme at Star and Shadow cinema. Bricks and Mortar

Feb 2010 The Museum of Non Participation is the main feature in Kaleidoscope Magazine
Download article (pdf)
Kaleidoscope Magazine website

Jan / Feb 2010 First ever Artangel podcast. Jem Finer reflects on ten years of his 1000-year long composition Longplayer, followed by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler discussing their Karachi- and London-spanning Artangel Interaction project The Museum of Non Participation. the_artangel_podcast

12.01. - 20.02. Group show Berlin; Indian Blend curated by Anke M. Ulrich. Galerie Alexandra Saheb

January 2010 The Space Between is shown at Dundee Contemporary Arts as part of the Martin Boyce exhibition

January 2010 The Exception and the Rule is shown in The Festival Les Inattendus, Lyon.

January 2010 Performance of The Museum of non Participation at Le Centre de la Photographie Genève in context of 'Act of state: Une histoire photographiée de l’occupation israélienne 1967 — 2007'

December 2009 Artists presentation of The Museum of non Participation at Arab in Cairo

12th November 2009 Karen Mirza presents and participates in 'Atmospheres of participation: art, media, politics' at Goldsmiths

November 2009 The Exception and the Rule is shown in The Cinema Project Portland, at DIM cinema in Vancouver and the Courtisane festival in Ghent Belgium

November 2009 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam: the making of Paradocs. Brad Butler's presentation starts 4min.55 sec into this documentation

November 2009 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam: screening of The Exception and the Rule.

November 2009 The Exception and the Rule is Nominated for the Transmediale Award in Berlin

October 9th 2009 Performance and exhibition at .move new european media art festival Halle (Saale), Germany

October 3rd 2009 New York Film Festival premiere of The Exception and the Rule followed by October 25th Uk premiere at the London Film Festival

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler's Artangel commission The Museum of Non Participation explores how violence inherent in political structures are played out in social spaces working with Pakistani communities in Karachi and London.

July - September 2009. – working with actors Khalid Abdalla and Cressida Trew – are in residence at the Serpentine Gallery’s Centre for Possible Studies (CfPS). Part of the Serpentine’s Edgware Road Project, the CfPS hosts collaborations between artists, local residents, shopkeepers, students and community activists.

May 2009. Artists Talk : Efeito Cinema Maio: Karen Mirza e Brad Butler, Museu Da Imagem E Do Som

Saturday 7th March 2009. Artists Talk : The General and the Specific, 3-6pm, Gasworks

Friday 27th February 2009. The Museum of Non Participation performance commissioned by Fatos Ustek for the Immortality Exhibition at TENT Rotterdam

Selected for the EMARE 2009 residency at Werkleitz.

Winner of the 2008/9 production grant of the The Museum of Contemporary Cinema Foundation Madrid

The Museum of Non Participation intervention gallery talk at the Indian Highway exhibition the Serpentine Gallery London 10th Jan 2009